Motherhood can bring out the best in you and parts you never knew existed

Individual therapy sessions with Dr Rollans give you an opportunity to explore your fears, worries, concerns and feel more confident in your approach to motherhood. If you have a pre-existing mental health concern or just want to be prepared going forward into motherhood, we can together identify strategies and a plan that enables you to feel more confident in your transition as a new mother.

Dr Rollans helped me to understand where my ideas of parenting came from. I was then able to choose to be the parent I wanted to be and now I have a better connection with my baby
— Moniakis, 34

Before I was just so anxious worrying about whether I would be a good enough mum, and now I can just relax and enjoy my baby... stress free
— Bradley, 35
The most valuable help I have ever had, I am better for it and so is my little one
— Lu, 28